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Need to know

About Eureka Driving school

Are you deciding to learn to drive? Looking for a quality Driving Instructor in your area? You come to the right place! As much as driving lessons can be a daunting experience they are special one too. From the moment you first get into the driver’s seat and discover new confidence, enjoy driving and pass your test. You will feel independence and freedom and new opportunities ahead of you. Our aim to provide relaxed, quality driving tuition for our pupils. Not just to obtain their driving license but also safe driving for life! All our instructors are fully qualified, independent and experienced. They will carefully guide you through the learning stages and when the day of your test arrives, you can be sure that you will have all necessary skill and knowledge to successfully pass your driving test. For all our driving lessons we use the latest cars, excellent for learners and they needs. You can learn at your own pace with our choice of weekly driving lessons. We work seven days a week. We know that not everyone able to attend the lessons during Monday and Friday, so our instructors work on the weekends to meet the needs of the pupil.

What we offer?

Eureka driving school operates in East London and Essex. We offer driving lessons to learner drivers of all ages and abilities. Refreshing courses also available. If you have a driving license and didn’t drive for a while we can help you as well. Your instructor assesses your driving skill and will prepare lesson plan for your needs. Maybe you have a driving experience and are ready to obtain a driving license we will help you to prepare for the practical test.

  • Fully qualified and friendly instructors
  • High standard of tuition
  • Comfortable, clean environment
  • Cars are fully insured. Instructors have CRB checks
  • Free Theory online support and training
  • Practical test support
  • Moc practical test
  • Pass plus course

Where do we work?

We work: Romforde, Brentwoode, Dagenhame, Ilforde, East Hame, West Hame, Canning Towne, Prince Regente, Becktone, Plaistowe, Stratforde, Barkinge, Goodmayse, Seven Kinge, Barkingside, Hainaulte, Woodforde, Gands Hille, Newbury Parke, Redbridge, Collier Row, Harold Hill, Harold Woode, Emerson Parke, Gallows Corner, Hornchurch, Elm Parke, Upminsteryje,Walthamstow, Leyton, Wanstead, Leytonstone, Stradford, Highams Park, Woodford Green, Chingford, Forest Gate, Plaistow, West Ham, Bow, Hackney, Clapton, Stoke Newington, Totenham, Wood Green, Lewisham, Hither Green, Catford.

Where do I start if I decided to learn drive?

before starting schools have started, you need to have a Provisional Licence (Schoolboy rights). You can obtain the form by sending D1, which you can get at the post office (which costs nothing), or you can order online - website www.direct.gov.uk (hereinafter referred to do it online - Motoring form - D1). Provisional driving license costs £ 50 and a special postage envelope, because you will need to send your identity document (passport or identity card). Try to fill out the form correctly, otherwise you will be asked to fill out again. filling out again will require more time to get a driver's license. Typically, it takes 2-3 weeks. If you need assistance in completing the form, you can call the number listed above or write to the e-mail. mail. Temporary driver's license is very long. With this document you can drive a car with a person who is at least 21 years. and who have driving license for at least 3 years. It is also required that the car be insured in your name. On the front of the machine, and you must wear a full "L" red mark on a white background.


With this driver's license you can now officially register the theory exam. This exam consists of two parts. The first: You are given an hour of time to answer 50 questions from which you will have to correctly answer at least the 43rd second part: it's 14 videos, which you will need to indicate when you see an obstacle on the road. Scoring system from 5-0, depends on how quickly you notice a barrier and pressed the mouse. from possible 75 points you need to collect at least the 44th Both parts must be maintained at the same time. For example, if the wrong answer 10 questions, then have to retake the test. Both parts of the test will take place without interruption, so that result only after the full test, after waiting 15 minutes.

How much is the theory test? The theory test costs £31. For theory test preparation material information may be obtained by contacting us. If you do not have access or time to buy materials, we always have a book or CD for sale (price as a store). For the Lithuanian or Russian. It is also the call. passing the theory test, you have 24 months from the date of passing your driving test.


before test you will be asked to read the number plate of the 20 m distance. Whether you wear glasses or contact lenses, most see well into the distance, you are going to drive. If you will not be able to read the test is completed and you prarasit money you paid. Next you will be asked questions related to the mechanical part of the machine. Are only a few questions. It is desirable that they be answered, because if you will not know the charge points to your driving mistakes. What can be asked questions, introduce you to your instructor. > The exam lasts 40 minutes. You will have to demonstrate their capabilities to drive safely in accordance with the Highway Code "(here the current rules) in different road and traffic situations. need to drive across the street t. y. residential areas, rural areas, highway, in areas where greater movement of pedestrians and vehicles at different speeds through the streets, roundabouts. Also during the test you will be asked to turn on the street using the back of the drive, using the full width of the street or turn around in the street near the curb of the left or right side, as well as to build a car to the curb using the back of the drive. If the test will take place in the center, which has a "parking bay, you may be asked to build a machine to also block the use of the rear drive. exam will be only one of these possible moves. You never know who might be asked to do. So you need to learn them all. You may also ask to see your ability to stop the machine in an emergency situation. The instructor will want to see your reaction, and how you control the machine. streets, which will be carried out in a test examiner chooses. It will provide links to where to go, for example, at a traffic light please turn to the right, and so on. t. It provides links to docking intersection that you get enough time to prepare. You will be asked during the test run for 10 minutes., Regardless of whether the examiner will show you a drawing, in which you will have to be driven, or a place name, for example., Take me to the barking by reference signs in the street. This part of the test introduced in 2010. October. It is designed so that the new driver should be able to ride the route transaction requested, in accordance with the driving safety rules. you can stand the test in the event that you make up to 15 driving errors. If you make at least one serious or dangerous error, then failed the test. at the end of the test examiner will explain why you have passed or failed the test. If you have passed the driving test, the examiner will write you a certificate, which will give the right to ride independently. You only have to send customers find temporary driving license and test certificate to the DVLA and no additional fees will get GB license, which is valid across Europe, including Lithuania.

How much for a driving test?

driving test costs £ 62 plus tax for equipment rental. The instructor arrives 1 hour. before Test convenient location. The instructor must provide a clean, orderly and mechanically hedged machine corresponding exam standards. Other services:

also offer post-graduate courses egzmino Pass Plus. This is 8 hours. course instructor for such. improve your driving on the highway, at night, in bad weather conditions. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate. This program is offered to drivers who are 17-25 years. age. According to statistics, this category of drivers who are in the first year of driving mostly fall into the accident, and this category of drivers are paying a lot more for motor insurance. So passing the additional lessons Pass Plus and received a certificate driver not only improves your driving skills, but also get a chance to buy much cheaper insurance. If you have the right to drive, but by the time those rights not used or want to improve their knowledge to ride in England, and maybe you want to start the drive, although not using for more than a year - not a problem, but in any case, regardless of how much help you need, the instructor will prepare an individual Training program for you and you'll be able to drive with pleasure. About School: Our school prepares category B, but often call people who want to stay in the higher categories of courses. Brief information about the course to drive a bus or heavy weight machine, you can find here www.direct.gov.uk (hereinafter referred to motoring - driving for a living - Becoming a lorry or bus driver). Here you will find information on whether you qualify schools have started from the start, in any form necessary. Then you need to find a school for practical driving.

If you wish more information, please call, we will help as much as we can. is only necessary to recall that the category (CDE) is not included in our school curriculum. We are only able to provide all the information related to the acquisition of these categories. What instructors teach? Instructors are qualified in England. We are working with the car, not older than two years old, with a manual transmission, petrol or gas. The machines are in good repair, and secured in accordance with all requirements. Your right to choose with whom you would like schools have started with a man or a woman instructor. It is also the only English-speaking instructors. So, if you prefer, you can learn with him. Also, our school employs Russian speaking instructors. How much do lessons ? hour, 60 minutes., instructor costs £ 23rd Lesson time - 2 hours. (this is more efficient). also offer discounts. For example., If you order and pay for 10 hours ahead, it will pay only £ of 210. Students receive a discount.

We work around East London

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Fully qualified and friendly instructors. High standard of tuition. Comfortable, clean environment. Cars are fully insured. Instructors have CRB checks. Free Theory online support and training Practical test support. Moc practical test. Pass plus course.

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